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Perfect holidays for single over 50: where to go?

There are many movies about adventures in exotic countries or fun holidays with a friend or alone. Who said that to enjoy the holidays and live unique moments you should always be in couple? In fact, every year a lot of men and women decide to leave alone to marvelous destinations. In this article, we’ll propose some

How to feel beautiful and pretty after 50

Sometimes when you look in the mirror you see the reflection of an aged woman, even if you still feel young and full of energy. However there are some tricks to improve your life and maintain an healthy lifestyle: let's discover them together! First of all, it's important to believe in yourself and keep a positive

Perfect make-up for women over 50: be a real star

When you are famous and you have make-up artists at your service it is much easier to be always pretty and impeccable. But in real life, we have little time to devote to make-up and self-care, especially in the morning before going to work. That's why it's important to focus on evening make-up and take

The top 5 haircuts for women over 50

We look at our reflection in the mirror and suddenly see our body and our face changed: too many wrinkles and white hair. But don't panic! How can we fix this problem? Of course running to our trusted hairdesser and reading some advice we've thought for you to be beautiful and perfect even after 50.